• Renewable energy from waste for the benefit of companies and communities
  • Anaerobic digestion, a profitable way to treat organic waste
  • The transformation of industrial waste into energy savings for your company
  • Biogas from municipal solid waste and biosolids, it works
  • Production of biogas by anaerobic digestion, low energy waste treatment, sustainable Development
  • Renewable energy & energy efficiency, from Valbio

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Expert in anaerobic digestion

Valbio Canada

Valbio Canada's business is the production of bioenergy from waste. We are expert in the field. Our portfolio of technologies can convert organic waste of all sorts into methane-rich biogas: industrial effluents, organic residues from the food processing sector and agricultural biomass.

Valbio Canada provides companies and communities complete, effective solutions which are based on performance and operational autonomy.

Anaerobic digestion is at the core of Valbio's systems; it produces biogas, a renewable energy which is profitable to the customers.